Adult Negative SEO services

Starting at $1000 per month


In the SEO world, there are many of us that believe that adult negative SEO is unethical. And it is. It is legal but unethical. However, we have seen over the last years more and more companies that suffered from the effects of Negative SEO so if your competition is not playing by the book why should you?

What can Adult Negative SEO be “good” for?

  • Increasing your rankings on various keywords by downgrading the URLs above you
  • Remove negative reviews/bad press from SERPs
  • Getting payback for negative SEO/DDos Attacks from one of your competitors
  • Getting your competitors sites penalized by Google/ de-indexed from Google

Is it legal?

Adult negative SEO is actually legal. The law varies from country to country but so far, no type of negative SEO doesn’t fall under the DMCA Act or the Computer Misuse Act 1990 in the way that we provide this service. For a full debate by lawyers over the illegality vs the legality of Negative SEO check out this link.


What Adult Negative SEO services do we offer?

The adult negative SEO services we offer are 100% legal and under no circumstance you or us will ever be punishable by any state laws due to several factors:

  • The Negative SEO services that we perform work on tricking the Google Algorithm not by actual hacking or any means of cyber-attack against a site, server or computer network
  • The ordering process for this service is built to be completely anonymous, and payment will never be charged for this type of service per say
  • We carry out our negative SEO services under complete anonymity using proxies and servers that are not linked to us in any way and we access the services needed under full anonymity


What are the price and the TAT for our Adult Negative SEO Services?

Price and TAT depend on the specifics of the site targeted and are per month.

The duration of the process is 1 month minimum based on the following aspects:

  • The number of URLs
  • The actual strength of the site you are targeting (age, metrics, type of site aka personal, presentation site, services site, e-comm site, review site, news site, etc)
  • The actual number of links the site already has and link velocity of the site
  • Whether or not you want to hit only URLs or the whole site


Price and TAT:

$1000/month for:

  • 1 URL
  • Low-medium strength site (age, TF/CF, DA/PA, number of links, links strength)
  • Site NOT an established site in your niche or a review/news/online newspaper site
  • Estimated TAT 1 or 2 months

$2000/month for:

  • Up to 5 URLs (from the same site)
  • Medium-high strength site (age, TF/CF, DA/PA, number of links, links strength)
  • Established site in your niche but NOT a review/news/online newspaper site
  • Estimated TAT 2+ months

$4000/month for:

  • Hitting a whole site
  • High strength site (age, TF/CF, DA/PA, number of links, links strength)
  • Established site or review/news/online newspaper site
  • Estimated TAT 2+ months


How to order under complete anonymity:

  • On our e-junkie payments page you will notice that the packages are not named after the type of service you request but rather than the value – so whether or not you order a site audit or keyword research or competition analysis will not be known to us or any third party unless you specify it in a message to us where you normally give us your order confirmation number and the service you require fully in text form. In this case tell us “Adult Negative SEO” in the message
  • To send us a message with the order confirmation number and service required for any other type of service you would use the contact page on site where you can write specifically what you want. For negative SEO services you will use Privnote (a service where you can send a note that will be self-destructed after reading via an URL). Simply copy/paste the URL from PrivNote in the contact form and both you and us are 100% protected. Make sure to include in the PrivNote the URLs you want and the payment confirmation number.
  • Note: All adult negative SEO attacks ordered via contact form without using PrivNote will not be carried out, will be discarded and there are no refunds.
  • Note: If you want to rank your site, we recommend that you make sure your on-page and link building is adequate for this niche.