Adult PBN Creation


Do you want to have your very own Adult PBN to ensure that you dominate Google on all of your chosen keywords? We can build it for you!


adult pbn creation by adult rankerWhy let us build your PBN?

10+ years’ experience in PBN creation

Time saved – we do everything you just reap the results

Zero footprints left – your network will be 100% secure

We will buy only the best domains for you





Building an Adult PBN is a long, tedious and time consuming process…

Truth is that you cannot build a 100% secure and reliable PBN the first time you try. It takes experience and this comes through time and testing. We already did all that and we have the experience necessary to build your very own 100% secure and truly private PBN. So, why would you put your projects in danger? Let us do it for you!


What will we do?

  • We will search and buy only the best expired domains
    • No history of penalty
    • Full history of being in the adult niche
    • We will buy the domains with the best metrics (Trust Flow/Citation Flow)
    • We will buy the domains that also have a good backlink profile
  • We will buy and install the domains on hosts that accept adult sites
    • All hosts will be OK with adult sites
    • All hosts will offer a good uptime and good bandwidth
    • All hosts will be 100% secure
  • We will configure the domains so that there is no footprint left
    • We will install unique themes on each and every site
    • Each site will have its own unique look and feel
    • We will install different plugins to ensure perfect site functionality
    • We will also make sure your Adult PBN is secure from crawlers (all except for Google’s of course)
    • And we will do a lot more but we’re not going to share our secrets with you
  • We will offer you a master excel file that will contain the following
    • Sitename
    • Site login information
    • Site metrics (TF/CF)
    • Site host + user and pass
    • Site registar + user and pass


Only premium services

We are experts in this field and we pride ourselves with our professionalism and confidentiality.

We are going to build your Adult PBN just like we build our own, sparing no expense to ensure you will have an Adult Private Blog Network that will be truly private and it will send your sites enough power to make them rank in top Google positions.

There are many little nuances when building a PBN and a PBN site that a lot of people get wrong. And this is a danger for your project and the money invested. What is the point investing time and money in sites that do not hold their value over time?


What is our fee for building an Adult Private Blog Network?

There is a flat fee of $250 USD for each and every site.

The fee includes:

  • Expired Domain purchase cost
  • Hosting cost for 1 year


So you pay $250 for each site that once completed is going to be yours 100%!


About transferring the sites

We will transfer the sites easily to you:

Each of your sites will have its own hosting account and registar. Once we finish we will provide you:

  • Unlimited access to the unique email address that was used to create the hosting and registar accounts. AKA  we give you the user, the pass, and it’s completely yours after you change the pass.
  • Unlimited access to the sites’ host and registars. Again, we will give you the username and password, and once you change the password you alone will have access to those accounts.
  • Unlimited access to the site. We will give you all site login information, and once you change the user and the pass, only you will have access to them.
  • We will provide you with full documentation on how to do all the changes should you need it.


Is there a limit to the sites I can order? How much time for each site?

While there is absolutely no limit of the sites you order, generally speaking there is a minimum number of sites needed so that those sites can be called a “PBN”. In the adult industry the number is @25-50 sites.

The minimum order of sites we accept is 10.

The time that it takes to build the sites depends entirely on finding the right domains for you. The minimum time for building a 10 to 25 Adult PBN sites is 1 month. We found that it’s best to talk estimated TAT after we do our initial research, which will take us 1 week.


Contact us now to build your very own Adult PBN!