Adult PBN Links

Increase your adult website traffic or your porn site traffic with the adult link building strategy that helped thousands of other sites to reach page 1 and stay there comfortably no matter the Google algorithm updates: Adult PBN Links!


Adult Private Blog Network Specs

All sites have tf/cf ot at least 15 and go up to 40/50
All sites are built on adult domains and have adult themed content on them
All content on the sites is at least 80% original on article pages 100% original on static pages
Sites are built on expired domains in the adult niche
Sites have never had penalty
Sites have a full history of being in the adult niche

Zero footprints left:

  • Various hosts
  • Different IPs
  • Mix vanity nameservers and default hosting servers
  • No SEO Hosting whatsoever
  • Different registars
  • Random whois data and whois protection + cloudflare on some of the sites
  • Unique themes
  • Unique images
  • Unique logos
  • Each site is set up differently
  • Each site is perfectly set for natural looking adult link building

Sites are 100% natural looking and cand pass human review:

  • Relevant and 100% humanly readable content
  • Mix of articles with images, videos, just text, etc
  • Static pages 100% workable ( and unique contact, Terms of service, Privacy policy)
  • Sites receive links, traffic and comments


Price: $10/Link

Min Order: 50 links




Question: Are the links permanent?
Answer: Yes, they will remain on the blog permanently.

Question: What is the OBL (outbound links number) on the sites?
Answer: On the home page the OBL is max 30 – depends on each blog’s setup but maximum is 30. On the page the OBL is 4-5 maximum.

Question: How many sites do you have in your network?
Answer: There are over 500 sites and we keep adding. All in the adult niche, all TF/CF over 15, all aged domains, 3-10 years old, all TLDs (.com,, .net,.org)

Question: How many links can I order?
Answer: We will restrict 1 site to 500 Adult PBN links per month (aka your main domain). We do this because we want to protect our network but we also protect your site. Please keep in mind that adult website traffic needs to increase gradually, and this is why adult link building needs to be done at a steady, slowly incremental pace.

Question: Do you offer bulk discounts?
Answer: As stated above, we are comfortable offering 500 links per month per site – you can have different URLs but only one domain name. If you order over 200 links we can offer a small discount of 10%. Please contact us for discounts.

Question: Do you provide reports, how do I know this is not a scam?
Answer: As a professional courtesy we will provide you with up to 10 screenshots per order and per request. The URLs of the sites, will not be made public and the content will be blurred like in the image below:

Report example for adult pbn links

Question: How can I pay?
Answer:  Order one of our Adult PBN Links packages. More information about how to pay in our pricing information page.

Question: What is the TAT?
Answer: Depending on the package the TAT is between 1 week and 1 month.

Question: What is the article’s quality?
Answer: We have a unique process of producing articles that are minimum 80% unique using hand written articles spinned manually and then with TBS. This is why the adult link building with our adult PBN links poses no danger to SEO.

Question: What is the article length?
Answer: All articles are at least 300 words in length and go up to 500-700 words

Question: Do you offer refunds?
Answer: Again, if the guys that sell links from generic, low quality PBNs do not, we also will not.

Question: How long until I see the results?
Answer: Depends on the current position your site is for the chosen keyword and the competition. From personal experience results will show in 1 week up to 2 weeks in the adult niche.


– The more URLS and keywords you provide, less are the chances to hit #1 position on any of the keywords, unless the keywords are low competition. To get the best results our recommendation is to stick to 2 urls and 2 keywords for every 50 links purchased.

– We send a couple of links to our adult PBN links each month to consolidate the keywords that bring us most leads and we recommend you do the same to keep the positions in #1 page

Contact us to order now.