Adult Site Ranking Factors in 2018

Adult Site Ranking Factors in 2018

March 9, 2018 Articles 0
example of adult site ranking factors

The never ending question in SEO and internet marketing is “how do I get my site more traffic”. If in internet marketing this can mean paying for traffic or paying for ads, in SEO this means making sure that your site is optimized well enough to make Google and other search engines rank it on #1 page. There are several adult site ranking factors that you need to take under consideration when it comes to SEO and we are going to go over the most important ones in this article.

Warning: this is a LONG article that covers the adult ranking factors that will be EVERGREEN

Keep in mind that due to the specifics of the adult niche, there is no magical one size fits all adult seo strategy. Rather the strategy needs to be adapted to your sub-niche, the specifics of your site (is it an ecommerce one, a porn tube, does it sell pills, is it an affiliate site, is it an escort site, etc). In this article we will go over the adult site ranking factors that are generally accepted as true no matter your type of site .  Following the guidelines outlined below will ensure that your site is going to get a boost, that might be just what it needs to bring you more money.

example of adult site ranking factors

Let’s talk about on-site SEO

It is needless to say that over the years, Google has changed its algorithm quite a bit, but the goal was always the same: provide users a good experience. What do we mean by that?  No matter what year you’ll be in a good user experience will always mean the following:

1.    A fast loading site

2.    A site that makes it easy for the user to find what he or she is looking for

3.    A site that meets the user’s search query intention

So, let us talk about each of the above a little bit more. While we could say that adult site ranking factors include site speed, good keyword optimization, and things like that, we want to address first the most important aspect for any site: the user.


1.    A fast loading site

If a couple of years ago, back in the dinosaurs internet age a fast loading site meant 2-3 minutes and basic HTML coding, today, things have changed with the implementation of new strategies and the development of new devices that can access the internet. Aka fast computers and fast phones and tablets.


So, what does this tell us? Google will always want to see a site that moves fast and that means for you:

  • Make sure that the page load time is good (use google page insights for that)
  • Make sure that your site is easily accessible over a variety of devices
  • Make sure that your site is friendly for the user no matter the device used to access it

Keep this in mind, as the site load time is a very important aspect for user experience. While this was not always the case, and the adult site ranking factors didn’t include it until recently, the downfalls of a slow site are the following:

  • Increased bounce rate – and that tells search engines your site isn’t right for the visitors
  • Decreased time on page – that tells search engines again that your site isn’t good for users

The above are adult ranking factors that were always true, so make sure your site is offering a good enough load time to make the users happy and make them want to say on your site.


2.    A site that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for


There is a “saying” that goes in the lines of “no more than 3 levels deep”. What does this mean and why does this count? What does it have to do with adult site ranking factors?


Well, if the user gets on your site and is bombarded with pop-ups or menus that make it impossible to find what the user wants, if the site does not have a search bar, users will not be happy. When users are not happy this means less time spent on site and potentially increased bounce rates. So what does that mean?


  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate
  • Do not use too many ads on the sides of the site or the header
  • Stick to a simple menu – 2-3 levels deep at tops
  • Always make sure your user has a search bar


Let us say for example that you have an escort site. Escorts SEO is fairly straightforward, and with a good enough keyword research and some good links you should rank fast enough. But, what if the users gets on your site via the homepage and instead of finding a listing of your girls finds a big and annoying slider that takes forever to load on mobile. What if the menu doesn’t not allow the user to search the girls by price or by location? The user will be frustrated, will not be able to navigate around the site and will leave. So, decreased time on site, increased bounce rate, bad experience!

“But, I thought that a site that makes the user dig for what they want means that they stay more and hence that makes the site better in Google’s eyes” – said a client

While it is true that a user staying more on a page is good, this does not mean that if the user had a hard time finding what they wanted on your site they will recommend it to their friends and family and will come back again. So, again, bad for SEO and not an adult site ranking strategy you want to try.

3.    A site that meets the user’s search query intention


What does that mean? That if the user searched for “adult site ranking factors” he or she will want to land on a page that tells him/her the adult site ranking factors or talks about them.  Another example: if the user searched for “blonde busty teen homemade video” he will want to land on a page with a video of the blonde busty teen rather than an article about a blonde busty teen. This is perhaps one of the most important adult site ranking factors to take under account.


So, how can you make sure that you actually give the user what he or she wants?


It all comes down to adult SEO keyword research and site structure.


A good adult site that wants to rank on #1 page will need to always be properly keyword optimized, and without a thorough keyword research, it will never rank with the pages that it should rank on the keywords it wants to rank.


There is a long list of things that you need to do to your adult site in order to meet the user’s search query. And it depends on whether or not your site is already live or it’s in development.


Here are some free tips for a site that is in development:

  1. Start with a proper keyword research, have as many relevant keywords dug up, and then divide them into batches based on the their similitude and search intent
  2. Make sure to always start the optimization of categories and landing pages on long tail keywords that include short tail keywords that have tons of searches but are also competitive
  3. Build the internal linking structure and the site architecture so that it is clear for the user where he/she is in the site and also, keeping in mind to pass internal link juice to your Landing Pages or Category pages + Homepage

Here are some free tips for a site that is already live but not ranking properly:

  1. Run a serp rank check on your site and see what pages rank for what keywords
  2. Go to your analytics dashboard and check the time on site and bounce rate on each page
  3. Get rid of the pages that have a high bounce rate – by redirecting them to a similar relevant page OR by adding more content that will match the user’s query
  4. Have a look at your internal linking structure and try to consolidate the pages that you want to rank for a certain keyword by sending links from irrelevant pages that rank for irrelevant keywords


This is the end of part 1, we will talk about adult link building as an adult site ranking factor here.



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