Backlink Audit

Backlink audit costs $500 USD (limited to 5,000  links)

One of the biggest problems in the adult niche is the fact that the results of your competition analysis link profile are rather strange and inconsistent: there are sites ranking with a million links and sites ranking with 20 links.


A very common problem in this niche is that:

  1. Most site owners buy spammy links from shady providers
  2. Sites are under Negative SEO attack and creates a spammy link profile

Whichever the case, one thing is sure:

If you felt like your site is stuck or started to lose its rankings, a very wise thing to do is to get a backlink audit done.


Benefits of a Backlink Audit

While this is a time consuming and tedious process, it can be the action that will:

  • Make your site rank like never before
  • Prevent loss of rank
  • Prevent automatic Google penalty
  • Prevent manual Google penalty

Note: A backlink audit is also the step that you need to take if your site suffered from an automatic or manual penalty.


What does a backlink audit imply?

With our backlink audit we will do the following:

  • Download all of the site’s backlinks that are live and historic from Majestic, Semrush and Ahrefs
  • Start going through them manually to asses each one’s power and spam level

Once we did the above, we will offer you report with:

  • Links you need to keep
  • Links you need to get rid of
  • A disavow file for Google webmaster tools that you can upload yourself to get you rid of the spam or unwanted links


A backlink audit might not sound like much, but considering that the #1 ranking factor are links, it is a crucial and important process that should be done regularly, especially in the adult niche. We do a backlink audit on our money making sites each month – and so far, it was worth all the effort!

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