SEO Competition Analysis

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Knowing what makes your competition rank is the key to beating them. Too many times we have seen business and site owners that are trying to rank in the adult niche and they are fighting alongside giants that they could never beat with their current strategy.

What does SEO competition analysis imply?

Competition analysis means:

  • Checking your competitor’s on-page SEO
  • Checking your competitor’s rankings in SERPs
  • Checking your competitor’s backlink profile

Once that is done:

  • Reporting where you stand when compared to the competition with on page SEO and how you can improve it
  • Reporting easy keywords your competition ranks on that you should target as well
  • Reporting competition required links to rank #1 on the keywords you want to rank on
  • Reporting competition link sources and link profile pattern so you can duplicate it and beat them at their own game

How can SEO competition analysis help you rank better?

In theory, to get to #1 position on any keyword in Google’s search engine, you need to be better than your competition on that keyword.

Nevertheless, we have seen many stories where people went head first into niches that they didn’t fully understand and had no idea what it takes to rank in those niches.

In adult SEO this can be even more difficult as analyzing the competition can be fairly difficult due to the use of many “blackhat” SEO techniques that are invisible to an untrained eye. As an adult seo company we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to tell you what makes your competition tick so ordering an SEO competition analysis is required if you want to truly rank..


Please note that this service is recommended to be used in combination with keyword research. Why?

No matter the niche you are trying to rank on, adult or not, a full knowledge of the best keywords and what it takes to rank on those keywords is closely related to competition analysis.

Keyword research combined with SEO competition analysis offers you the following information:

  • Easy to rank keywords that your competition uses and you can use too
  • Exact knowledge of what is needed to rank on your main keywords
  • Exact plan on how to SEO optimize your own site
  • Exact plan on how to build links to your site (how many, how fast, from what sources, what strength it is needed to rank on a keyword)

Each of the above points can be furthermore detailed to a point where this would turn into a 5,000 words piece of content as there are lots of nuances and sub points to each and every one of them.

However, to keep things clear and to the point, we highly recommend doing SEO competition analysis in the following cases:

  • You are just starting a project in the adult niche
  • You want to assess the difficulty of a particular niche to see how long it will take to rank and how much money and time you need to invest in it
  • You are currently stuck with your project and cannot jump past several keywords
  • Your site does not rank as it should and you want to devise a strategy to make it rank


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