Keyword Research

Starting at $1,000 for 100 keywords

Keyword research in the adult niche can truly make or break a project. While, for example, there are may key words for porn sites, choosing the best ones is an art. A thorough keyword research is of the utmost importance in all niches, and it is crucial in difficult niches. Since the adult niche is one of the most competitive and one of the most rewarding niches, you need to pay close attention to keyword research.

As an adult seo company with an experience of over 10 years in this niche, we offer you our premium keyword research services. With our help you be able to rank better and faster and hence make more money with your site.

Why should you choose us for doing your keyword research?

  • Access to various paid tools like Majestic, SemRush, SimilarWeb and Ahrefs
  • 10+ years experience in the adult niche
  • Thorough keyword research techniques – we leave no stone unturned
  • We offer you all initial keyword files lists + the master keyword research file

Explanation of each keypoint

Access to various paid tools

There are a couple of niches like gambling, counterfeit merchandise and adult where Google is really good at not providing the best keywords. Furthermore, Google Keyword Tool ( the “updated” version aka Google Keyword Planner) does not provide the exact number of searches for each keyword. This can make choosing a keyword extremely difficult because if you do not know the  exact number of searches you cannot know whether the keyword is worth ranking for.

Access to paid tools allows us to take keyword research to a new level as it allows us, in combination with Google Keyword Tool to:

  • Have more information about the real number of searches for each keyword
  • Allows us to uncover keywords that are not provided by Google
  • Gives us insight into keyword’s difficulty and competition on each keyword
  • Offers a strong base of keyword research which allows to pin-point the most profitable keywords for your business


10+ Years experience in the adult niche

It goes without saying that in SEO, and especially adult SEO experience in the niche can make the difference. The years have provided us with insightful information on how the niche works, what adult keywords to focus on first, and how to rank a site the “right way” meaning a way that will guarantee you will rank for your chosen keywords easy and long term.

Thorough keyword research techniques

As already stated, keyword research can make or break a project. If you are focusing on the wrong keywords you might find it impossible to rank a site fast enough to offer you the ROI needed to keep going. A good example of this are porn key words – since there is an abundance to choose from, many adult SEO companies do not take the time to thoroughly research then specifically for your needs and ranking goals. We, do not do that mistake.

Throughout the years we have seen, heard and read about people that spent ridiculous amounts of money in a project and due to the wrong targeting of keywords they ran out of money before the site offered them enough ROI to keep them going. You do things differently. For example, there are many key words for porn sites to target. However, for key words to be truly keywords it takes quite a bit of work and research.

Here is a simplified overview of how we do our keyword research:

  • We build our keywords lists using a multitude of paid and free tools
  • We gather as many keywords as possible and as many variations as possible
  • We then asses the true average searches for each keyword and the competition for the keywords
  • The keywords are then split into categories to offer you a good silo structure
  • We then separate the keywords into various batches meaning the ones you need to focus on your Landing Pages, the ones you need to focus on your sales page, the ones that are good for product pages, the ones good for blog pages, the ones good for short term gains and the ones good for long term gains
  • We create a master template that combines all of the above into an insightful image of what you need to focus on if you want to make money fast
  • Furthermore, we provide you with a full detailed explanation on how to use the master file so that you are going to understand it fully and work effectively with it.


Note: You will receive all initial keyword file lists + master file


For each 100 good keywords we can search through as little as 1000 keyword and as much as 10k keywords. 

Because we believe in helping our clients, we share all our findings with you. This means keywords that were not included in the master file due to various reasons as – too little searches, too much competition, or variations that we found are not necessary – will be provided to you for future use. There are cases when we go through up to 10,000 key words for porn sites – and we will give them all to you, alongside all other pertinent information that we discovered!

Since we currently find ourselves in the situation where a client wants to rank on only a sub-niche but to get to the best keywords we need to go through the main niche keywords, we found that offering all initial keyword files in raw format can come in handy for various reasons

  • We save you the time and money to dig up all of the possible keyword combinations yourself
  • We provide you with a strong keyword base if you want to expand to another niche, or try a different targeting
  • It offers you new ideas and new niche perspective that you might have not considered

Hence the keyword research that we offer as an adult seo company is not only thorough but also complete and it can be used as a base for further projects.


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