Site Audit

Site audit starting at $500 USD ( price limited to 100 pages)


  • Do you feel that your site isn’t living up to its true potential?
  • Do you want to know what’s keeping your site from ranking or providing you the ROI you expect?
  • Is your site sound from an SEO and CRO point of view?

We can help you find answers to the questions above with our Site Audit Service



What will we do for you?

Since we have been active in the adult industry for over 10 years, we have learned all the tricks of the trade, and while we have kept in touch with all of the latest techniques, we found that most people make errors with their basic on-site optimization.

Our site audit service will take an in-depth look at how your site works and will give you valuable insights into what needs to be done in order to make it be a gold mine.

What will we have a look at:

  • Your indexing status in Google
  • If your site is penalized by Google
  • The number of Landing pages in Google Analytics
  • How your site does in mobile search results
  • Your Title and Meta descriptions
  • The important pages’ CTR and how we can improve them
  • On-page keyword optimization for each page
  • Image optimization
  • Landing pages structure and look
  • Formatting on the site and CSS
  • Site speed and load time
  • And much much more…



What will you get from us?

Since this is not your “Free” audit and you are actually paying  for it, you can expect the amount of information provided by this audit to be  quite hefty and extremely comprehensive.

While we pride ourselves on our professionalism, we also take pride in our confidentiality, and giving away the full contents of the report you will get will give our own competitors an advantage and an insight into the services we provide.

What you can be sure is that you will get a report that will:

  • Show your site’s problems from SEO perspective
  • Show your site’s problems from CRO perspective
  • Show your site’s problems from a technical perspective
  • Recommended actions to fix your site’s SEO problems
  • Recommended actions to fix your sites’ CRO problems
  • Recommended actions to fixe your site’s technical problems


In the report we will take under consideration all the must-haves required from a site in the adult niche, targeting your specific sub-niche, so that you can be sure that with the help of our audit you will:

  • Improve your presence in SERPs
  • Increase your rankings
  • Have a better site than your competitors
  • Improve your CTR and CRO

Of course, the above will only be true if you implement all the recommended changes in the audit.

Please note: some of the changes might not be easy to be made, might not be cheap, but they will be required if you truly want to make your site extremely profitable.

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