Adult SEO Strategy Build


Flat fee of $3,000 for any type of adult site*

*Limited to 100 pages


What does SEO strategy build mean?

We will develop for you a full strategy to implement for the next 3-6 months – please keep in mind that we develop the SEO strategy but all implementation is done by you. If you want to improve your adult site ranking in SERPs a well designed strategy is needed. We offer you just that!

The full strategy includes:

  • Full site Audit (if you already have a site)
  • Full report on Design/Redesign, site structure for SEO+UX+KPI
  • Backlinks audit (if you already have a site)
  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Link building plan
  • Editorial calendar plan
  • 1-3 months ranking plan and 3-6 months ranking plan


What you will get?

A full PDF report that will tell you

  • How to build/improve your site. Includes but not limited to:
    • Indexing status
    • 404 error fixes that need to be applied
    • How to fix website speed
    • Meta title, meta description, alt optimization + Open Graph and Micro formats scheme implementation and testing
    • Sitemap proper generation + robots txt proper configuration + htaccess configuration and more
    • Analytics/Webmaster tools implementation, personalization, event tracking, goal tracking and more
  • Internal linking scheme (recommended)
    • Main pages keywords
    • Links from main pages to secondary pages
    • Tertiary pages linking structure and keywords to be targeted
  • Ranking plan for 3-6 months
    • Services needed (Link building, PBN link buying, Link packages, content needs etc)
    • Types of links required
    • Link velocity
    • Anchor text distribution
    • Content required + its order of posting + linking
  • Excel sheet with:
    • Keyword research divided by difficulty of keywords, pages to optimize on those keywords, whether keywords should be used in the first 1-3 months or 3-6 months and more
    • Competitor backlinks ordered from most powerful to least powerful so you can duplicate their link profile

And much more….


Please note: That the above is not an exhaustive list of what we offer in the SEO strategy build. The list varies from site to site, as well as our recommendations based on analysis and experience in this niche so that you will rank as fast as possible, as safe as possible and keep your positions in SERPs as long as possible without any risk of penalty. The SEO strategy will furthermore depend on the specific type of site you have. For example, if you want to monetize porn site you will need a different SEO strategy than the one used when we would create escort website strategies which are bound to specific geographical locations. No matter the type of site, we can assure you that adult site ranking with our strategies is a easy – as long as you implement it correctly.


Some of the services explained


Full site audit

  • Check URL status on each page (server response codes test)
  • Checking SEO optimized title on each page
  • Checking SEO optimized meta description on each page
  • Checking SEO optimized meta title on each page
  • Checking all images have ALT and are SEO optimized on the proper keywords
  • Checking correct Headings implementation and that they are SEO optimized
  • Checking the text/HTML proportion on each page
  • Checking whether iFrames or Flash is present on the site and disrupts site load time
  • Checking existence and correct implementation of micro formats
  • Checking existence and correct implementation of
  • Checking existence and correct implementation of open graph
  • Checking proper metaviewport for browsers
  • Checking robots.txt are present and correctly formatted
  • Checking sitemap is present and correctly implemented
  • Checking site language is correctly implemented
  • Checking 404 pages
  • Checking internal linking structure
  • Checking tracking problems and proper implementation of GA, GWT, GTM & others

Full report on Design/Redesign, site structure for SEO+UX+KPI

  • Based on the Site audit + Keyword Research + Own Backlinks + Competition analysis
  • Modifications/improvements/updates for each of the site’s pages
  • What pages are recommended to stay and which ones should be 301ed
  • Technical recommended updates (load time/errors/suggestions)
  • Full report creation on what needs to be improved/modified/updated on the site so that it offers an optimal SEO experience + good UX + proper KPI tracking


Backlinks audit (if you already have a site)

  • Checking all of the site’s backlinks from all available sources (GWT, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic)
  • Analysis of backlinks based on power, spam score, relevancy
  • Analysis of anchor text and its proportions
  • Generating report on what links should stay and what links should be disavowed

Competition analysis

  • Checking competition sites from an SEO perspective
  • Checking competitor websites backlinks
  • Checking competitor link velocity
  • Identifying the best competition backlinks and its best sources
  • Identifying anchor text profile + its percentages
  • Checking the good sources of backlinks that can be implemented on your site as well

Keyword research

  • Checking what keywords the site already ranks on
  • Checking Google suggested keywords for your site
  • Expanding the keywords list from Google suggestions
  • Adding and expanding based on the competition keywords
  • Spreading the keywords based on theme, intent and type of keyword (whether it is for landing page, for site pages for blog articles, etc) and on the estimated ranking period based on the existing SEO competition
  • Generating a report in excel with all of the above data for a quick view and easy selection of the best keywords
  • Generating an excel report with the best keywords for each of the site’s pages + recommended optimization plan in the first 1-3 months and then 3-6 months

Link Building Plan

  • Sorting the competition backlinks based on strength, velocity, type
  • Identifying new link building sources for your site
  • Checking the link velocity for the best link building results
  • Creating a link building plan based on the chosen keywords for ranking based on the following factors:
    • Keyword difficulty
    • Number of competitors per keyword
    • Keyword intent
    • Existing site pages
    • Existing blog articles on the site + blog articles from the editorial plan
  • Adding the anchor text type and link type based on the site necessities and the anchor text percentage to create a great looking backlink profile
  • Generating a complete report that will include the following:
    • Best link building sources to use
    • The backlink creation order + and time
    • Types of links that need to be created from each backlinking source
    • Total number of links for each keyword to rank the site on
    • Total number of backlinks needed for ranking
    • Additional information and notes based on each particular case

Keyword plan + internal linking structure  + SEO site design meaning

  • Needed keywords for each page based on the type of page + ranking plan + keyword type
  • Internal linking plan based on the keywords ranking plan + UX + KPIs + existing pages + pages to be created
  • Necessary optimization for each of the existing pages (targeted keywords, type of message on each page, image optimization, etc)

Editorial calendar

  • Article suggestions based on KPI and the Ranking Plan and Keywords
  • Planning the articles for the first 1-3 months then for the 3-6 months
  • Internal linking plan for the articles + links to the pages on the site having UX and KPIs in mind
  • Additional notes and information based on necessities


We offer you a full SEO strategy to rank your site in the adult niche, custom tailored for your site, based on your competitors and your own backlink profiles. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is YOUR SOLUTION to rank your site on the 1st page!

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